Bruce Lee – His Unknowns In Martial Arts


A rare insight into the martial arts that became Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do.

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A rare insight into the martial arts that became Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do.

The public generally only know that Bruce Lee was a student of Yip Man of Wing Chun Kung Fu and Mr Siu Hon-san yet they do not know that he had other masters.

He learnt Tai-chi-kune from his father Hung-kune from a master with a surname Tam Choy-li-fat-kune from an elder and Judo from Taiheie.

He also got to know the principles of internal pugilism from Mr Liang Tzu-peng.

He practised western boxing with his sports teacher. Secretly he cultivated Lo-han-heart-mind-kune. With the help of books he tried earnestly the fundamental Chinese northern Kung Fu.

He followed Dan Inosanto and learnt his Nunchaku and Kali of the Philippines. He also assimilated the kicking techniques of Tae-kwan-do from Mr Jhoon Rhee the father of US Tae-kwan-do.

In other words he had assimilated the quintessence of various kinds of important martial arts. Thus it is no wonder that Jeet-Kune-do is so powerful and incomparable.

• Bruce Lee Had Ten Masters
• Meeting one of Bruce Lee’s Masters – Sifu Siu Hon-san
• Two Letters from Bruce Lee to Siu Hon-san
• Bruce Lee’s JKD Clubbing Method is Unique
• An Exhibition of Literature of Bruce Lee
• The Inside World of Bruce Lee
• A Collection of Bruce Lee Expressions
• The Last Appearance of Bruce Lee on TV

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