Bruce Lee’s Nunchaku In Action


Teach yourself Bruce Lee’s Nunchaku with this complete Know-How guide.

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Teach yourself Bruce Lee’s Nunchaku with this complete Know-How guide.

With many exciting and informative photographs of Bruce Lee and original illustrations demonstrating how to learn and execute Nunchaku techniques.

Includes the Long-Short-Section Cudgel Three Section Staff Kali Dan Inosanto and more.

• Foreward
• History of the Nunchaku
• The Care of the Nunchaku
• Things to note
• Body Bending
• Arm Twisting
• Waist Bending
• Forward and Backward Rotating
• Vertical Circular Swing
• Overhead Circular Swing
• Figure Eight Swing
• One-Hand Changing Grip
• Both-Hand Changing Grip
• Cross Swing and Change
• Underarm Grip
• Reverse Shoulder Swing
• Nunchaku Closing Technique
• Nunchaku Protecting Technique
• Underhand Grip
• The Compound Attacking Techniques of Nunchaku
• Cross Back Swing
• Nunchaku Starting and Ending Technique
• Double Nunchaku Technique
• Two Dragons Roaring Out To Sea – Bruce Lee’s Double Nunchaku
• The way to approach the Nunchaku
• The Long-Short-Section Cudgel – Nunchaku of Ancient China
• How to use the Three Section Staff
• A Secret and Extraordinary Weapon of the Philippines – Kali
• The Master of Bruce Lee’s Nunchaku – Dan Inosanto
• From Fist of Fury to the Nunchaku of Bruce Lee
• Bruce Lee Talks about Nunchaku

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