Sign Of The Little Dragon – Bruce Lee Horoscope & Birth Chart

Sign Of The Little Dragon - Bruce Lee Horoscope & Birth Chart

Bruce Lee was born in San Francisco in the early hours of the morning of the 27th of November 1940.

The Sun in the first house gives a strong sense of personal identity, a love of power and a desire to be appreciated for oneself alone. There may be a conscious effort to dominate any situation. First house suns indicate strong wills, abundant vitality and great self awareness. The subject is ambitious, working hard in order to achieve personal distinction in the eyes of the world. They must feel themselves to be persons of importance and distinction.

Sign Of The Little Dragon - Bruce Lee Horoscope & Birth Chart

The Sun in trine with Pluto gives highly evolved power of concentration and will, insight into situations and the ability to make the most efficient use of energy and resources. There is often an interest in systems of spiritual self-development. This aspect gives energy in creative self-expression.

The Moon in the twelfth house means that moods and emotional responses are strongly affected by the unconscious and by past experiences. There may be a reluctance to communicate feelings. Also indicated are secret love affairs, neurotic tendencies and loneliness.

The Moon in Scorpio gives strong emotions that are based on wilful desire. There is a tendency towards brooding and desire for revenge. The subject may be preoccupied by sex, his problems frequently having a sexual basis. Fantasy and dreams play an important part in his life. There is an inner pressure to keep pushing forward. There is danger of turning to drugs or alcohol or promiscuity in order to release pent up feelings.

The Moon in conjunction with Mercury brings an awareness of his personal emotional nature and responses. The subject is sensitive to other peoples’ opinions of him. Feelings may overrule the reason. Domestic and family affairs are of great importance to him.

The Moon in conjunction with Venus brings a highly emotional response to beauty and harmony that is often manifested in artistic ability. The subject is sensitive, affectionate and self indulgent.
The Moon in conjunction with Mars gives strong feelings and outbursts of anger. The subject will feel and act with great intensity.

The Moon in opposition to Jupiter shows a tendency to get carried away by benevolent impulses and a possibility of extravagance and waste. Kindness may be indiscriminate and lacking in wisdom.
The Moon in opposition to Saturn shows a tendency to emotional depressions caused perhaps by clinging to worn out relationships and family ties. May give a stiff formal manner that makes it hard for the subject to respond to people in a natural way.

The Moon square to Pluto shows an intense emotional nature that generates a psychic field that can make others (especially women) feel uneasy. There may be a desire to forget the past or to destroy ties that confine. The subject is annoyed by small and petty details becoming impatient if events move too slowly.

Mercury in the first house makes the subject quick witted and adaptable and keenly self-analytical. There is an inquiring restless mind. Actions and self-awareness are based on logic and reasoning.
Mercury in Scorpio gives an intuitive mind. Things and events are seen accurately but not necessarily charitably. A determined mind gives the strength to surmount obstacles that many would find impossible. The subject may be sharp tongued. With the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Scorpio there may be a visionary disposition. People feel `he knows more than cares to tell’. He makes a dangerous opponent.

Mercury in opposition to Jupiter. The subject is inclined to promise more than he can deliver. There is a need to acquire thoroughness and attention to detail.

Mercury in opposition to Saturn makes the subject somewhat defensive and suspicious, prone to depression and anxiety with a tendency to look on the dark side. Nervous and respiratory disorders are possible. The subject tends to rigid self-discipline and mental loneliness.

Sign Of The Little Dragon - Bruce Lee Horoscope & Birth Chart

Mercury in opposition to Uranus gives eccentric opinions, sometimes tactlessness, arrogance and conceit. The subject considers himself especially gifted. There is considerable nervous tension and addiction to the unusual and unconventional.

Venus in the twelfth house can indicate clandestine romances, platonic affairs or a life of sacrificial service. Personal comforts and desires may be discarded. There is a love of quiet and solitude. Some social shyness. Compassion. Artistic inspiration from the unconscious. The subject requires a practical reward for effort that gives meaning to life.

Venus in Scorpio. The emotions are strong. The subject is passionate, jealous and secretive. He takes pride in sex and romance but emotion may prevent him from seeing other people’s point of view. However idealism and high standards are possible. Colourful personality with a charm that both attracts and repels. He may stimulate much creative endeavour in order to compensate for emotional lacks and frustrations. May work with frenzied intensity to sublimate their erotic feelings into socially acceptable channels. There is a compulsion to renounce attachments to objects of the senses and to develop purity and self control. This determination and directness may frighten the loved one whilst other people find the subject magnetically attractive. The strength of these passions is aided by the Sun in Sagittarius.

Venus in conjunction with Mars. This is one of the primary aspects concerned with sex but also gives an inclinement towards passionate involvement with all types of creativity expressed through sex or social and artistic abilities. There is love of life and emotional warmth.

Venus in opposition to Jupiter makes the subject spoiled and too involved with meaningless social activity. Marital problems may centre around matters of religion. The subject likes to be the centre of attention.

Venus in opposition to Saturn brings frustration of joy beauty and happiness in the subject’s life. Often indicates an unhappy marriage where the partner is unresponsive (or older than the subject).
Venus square to Pluto shows intense emotional and sexual involvement. Can give a high degree of artistic inspiration and power of expression. This aspect is associated with secret love affairs and the influencing of the public to win fame and fortune.

Mars in the twelfth house shows problems from repressed desire. Basic drives may_ be disguised or diffused into sexual maladjustment and escapist tendencies. Yet constructive channelling of the activity may produce results that far transcend ordinary experience. Desires and actions are strongly influenced by the unconsious mind. There is a need to be more open and honest about unconscious anger. The subject may find himself involved in secret plots or bear secret hatred for others.

Mars in Scorpio shows powerful emotions and desires that give relentless courage and thoroughness in the execution of intentions. The subject is resourceful, energetic and courageous in difficult situations. There -is a powerful sex drive. The subject is secretive and may hold grudges. A tendency to try to dominate others emotionally.

Mars in oppostion to Jupiter brings extravagant tendencie. and aggression. The subject is restless with a desire for travel and adventure. Prone to boasting and exaggerating his own importance.
Mars in opposition to Saturn gives a resentful and oppressive nature often with a need to demonstrate personal prowess or superiority through some kind of violent aggressive action. He may seek status in undesirable or destructive ways.

Mars square to Pluto. This can be a dangerous aspect because it forces the subject to use force to gain their desires. Can result in an exalted form of courage. The subject may desire to perform some spectacular deed only from egotism. T aspect can indicate a violent death.

Jupiter in the sixth house gives an interest healing the body and mind and an understandi that a person’s mental and emotional states ha a great deal to do with his physical health. afflicted Jupiter can cause health problems due over-indulgence which often results in Ii complaints. The subject’s work is important him, bringing both financial and perso satisfaction.

Jupiter in Taurus gives a capacity for correct and beneficial use of money and resources. The subject must learn to be generous. This position attracts wealth to the subject. Gives gourmet tastes and love of luxurious surroundings. A believer in the power of positive thinking. Generally domestic and devoted to his family.

Jupiter in conjunction with Saturn gives a serious outlook on life. The subject may be conservative and practical.

Jupiter square to Pluto gives the subject a tendency to become a law unto themselves.
Saturn in the sixth house shows an ability for hard work and efficiency in his job. Work is taken seriously and much specialised, skill and knowledge required. The work may be of an unusual nature demanding irregular hours and adjustments to peculiar conditions. Health problems from nervous strain.

Saturn in Taurus. The subject may resort to extreme measures to obtain professional ambitions. His personal destiny is tied in with mass karma. There is a desire to control and remake the lives of others. His ambition for power may be extreme. The subject can become the victim or practitioner of deliberate and selfish use of occult power.

Uranus in the seventh house shows a strong desire for freedom in marriage and partnerships. Sudden changes of mood and opinion. Change in the subject’s life may come through the actions of other people. The marriage partner may be of a different race or creed. Even if himself conservative the subject tends to like bizarre people.

Pluto in the ninth house, the subject can destroy himself through over indulgence in drugs or alcohol but can also regenerate himself through use of higher mental powers.

Moon in conjunction with the ascendant causes the subject to identify their basic consciousness with their emotions. May give a good memory. Tendency towards femininity in manners and appearance often giving a full round face with a soulful expression. Early childhood experiences have a more than ordinary effect upon later life. The subject identifies strongly with home and family.

Moon square to M.C. Sometimes domestic problems will cause difficulties with career and jeopardize public reputation.

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