The Perils of Success For Bruce Lee

Nobody stood in the Little Dragon’s way as he hammered his way to the top. But when Bruce got there, he discovered that the room at the top could be a lonely one. As usual, however, Bruce Lee looked his problems straight in the eye.

‘It’s like I’m in gaol – I am like the monkey in the zoo, people looking at me and things like that. Basically I like the simple life and I like to joke a lot and all those things, but I cannot speak as freely as I could before because misinterpretation comes in and all kinds of things.’

‘The biggest disadvantage of success is losing your privacy. It’s ironic but we all strive to become wealthy and famous, but when you’re there it’s not all rosy.’

‘There’s hardly a place in Hong Kong where I can go to without being stared at or people asking for autographs. That’s one reason I spend a lot of time at my house to do my work. Right now, my house and the office are the most peaceful places.’

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