A Hero of The Chinese – Bruce Lee

A Hero of The Chinese - Bruce Lee

Bruce’s death is a loss to the film world, and even a loss to the Chinese people. But if you understand that he had accomplished his goal which was to win glory for Chinese through films and martial arts, you will say that his death is not in vain.

Bruce had stayed in United States for a long period of time, and learnt to live an American lifestyle.

For example, when he invited the reporters out to tea, the bill would be paid by the company, even though he had got a lot of money. This kind of action is not Chinese. (To express their generosity and warm welcome, Chinese, as a tradition, feel proud in inviting the guest out to eat and paying the bill.)

But one thing we should be proud of him. It is that he has never forgotten that he is a Chinese. He always remembered this: Chinese is in no way inferior to other people. This kind of thinking is evident in his works.

In his films, Chinese are never to be insulted. Even in the TV series that he had made, Chinese was never to be insulted. He had held to this principle all through his life, whether he was unknown or famous.

To see Bruce’s film will make you happy. It is because he has won glory for Chinese. In his film, he used violence to subdue violence, and punished those foreigners who ill-treated Chinese. This is an unchanged principle. His appearance in the films was always one who was not patient with injustice and one who wanted to help the weak against the strong, having the idea of “rightness” in the tradition of the Chinese fighting novels.

Bruce Lee Chinese Suit

With this patriotic heart and a right attitude as support, a goal to be the spiritual strength, Bruce Lee was able to tackle the problems on the way, and to fight out a way. It deserves the respect of Chinese and foreigners.

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