Bruce Lee – The Biggest Enemy is Oneself

Bruce Lee - The Biggest Enemy is Oneself

As to the old style swordsman movie, Bruce Lee thought that he was not refrained from making it, but he had to be very careful in making it. It was because many swordsman movies were simple and stereotyped. If he were to make one, he must have a good script. Bruce Lee thought that he was not supposed to work with one company and not with other companies. If other companies invited him to make movie, he would consider. However, money was another problem. But there must be a good script. Of course, he would care about the problem of coworkers.

“Is it because ‘The Big Boss’ sells good that urges you to organize your own company?”

Bruce Lee & Raymond Chow

Bruce Lee said, “You can say this. But strictly speaking, ‘The Big Boss’ gives me the privilege to do so. But,before I came back to Hong Kong, I have considered the matter of making my own movie. But I do not have an ideal partner. Every person has his own opinion. But it is not flexible enough.

Often times, he takes the means to be the end. Many people are like a person who is in the water. He is able to keep his head on the surface of the water to see things. He can only see what is above the surface of the water. But he has overlooked the part which is below the surface of the water. People are so concerned with the form that they have neglected the formless.

‘The Big Boss’ has given me the privilege to film. Many in this world are smarter than me, but they do not have the oportunity. So they cannot develop their capacities to the full. Perhaps many has had the right to it, but they are blinded by their victories and do not use their right well. In the end, they lose it.

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In this life, I always examine myself. I think, my greatest enemy is not other people but myself. I often try to conquer myself.”

Bruce Lee once studied philosophy. Abstract philosophical ideas are contained in his words. We have to chew them carefully. As a matter of fact, “The Big Boss” not only has brought confidence in filmmaking to Bruce Lee, but also has given him a lot of convenience.

If the famous Bruce Lee were a poor man, and if he wanted to organize his own company, he needed only to express his wish, many rich commercial groups would support him, he would still have his own company. But if “The Big Boss” had not cast this glorious record, then he would not be supported by rich commercial groups. Like many other directors, they have high hopes and big plans, but because they do not have the opportunity, their dreams are not realized.

Bruce Lee & Raymond Chow in Suits

“What is the estimated expenses of ‘The Way of the Dragon’?”

Bruce Lee said, “I have not estimated the expenditure, and never worry about it. I believe, if it is worthwhile to spend the money, then spend it; if it should not be used, then do not waste your money. The first priority is to think for the reasonable need, and then, you can think for other people’s profit.”

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  1. Bruce Lee as chow young king Nin Kan story The Blind swordsman ancient classical warrior photo shoot s took at Run Run Shaw brother s and golden harvest studio s are Bruce Lee s best photo shoot s for certain reason his Legacy lives on forever though me and all fans worldwide The warrior AXA man

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