Fist of Fury – The Most Dangerous Film Ever!

Fist of Fury - The Most Dangerous Film Ever!

These shots date back to the time when Bruce Lee’s Fist of Fury first opened in the West End of London. The queues stretched round the block and the film was a smash hit.

At that time, even before Bruce died, a lot of people were saying that he and Kung Fu films were a flash in the pan. They may have to eat those words!

Enter the Dragon and Way of the Dragon both went out on release with films starring other rough, tough Western heroes and business was very, very good.

Now in the film business they are taking a new look at Bruce Lee films and asking themselves whether he isn’t in fact going to be one of those stars who go on and on drawing the crowds.

Later this year, there may be a re-release of Big Boss and Fist of Fury, and if they do well, the chances are that there will be a revival of his pictures every two or three years.

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