The Bruce Lee Fan Face-To-Face With Linda Lee

For Justin Bailey, the greatest day of his life had arrived. Like a dream come true, there he was, surrounded by reporters. His family were there to witness his hour of glory, as photographers crowded round, flashlights popping.

What was happening to six-year-old Justin?

Having set out for London with his parents and eight-year-old sister Tania, Justin had no idea that his day to remember had just begun.

Being a Bruce Lee fan, Justin had decided that he’d like to take some flowers to Linda Lee. He’d heard of her visit to England from the official fan club, of which he’s a member.

When Justin arrived at the flat where Linda was staying, his luck was in. Not only was he able to present the flowers, but he was invited in.

That’s how Justin found himself in the press reception for Linda, talking to the wife of the late great Bruce Lee and having his photograph taken. What more could a Bruce Lee fan ask for?

Linda Lee talked to Justin about her son Brandon, and now Justin is working hard to improve his handwriting so that he can start his letters flowing to Brandon.

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